The story of Angeloni starts in the mid-’30s: Augusto Angeloni began working as a locksmith, his sons Ermanno, Domenico and Antonio had the intention of starting a blacksmith’s business of repairing farm vehicles.

In 1945 after returning from Germany Ermanno is able to carry the tools for lathe and drill bits, hence kicks off the family business of Repair of Agricultural Machinery. The three brothers moved to Cingoli (MC), believing that was the richest area and with more opportunity, but after three years decides to return to Montecarotto, and erects the family business located at its present spot.

In 1977, the further transformation to Angeloni snc: at that time the agricultural market was changing and threshing machines were replaced with the combine harvesters which were adapted to work in uncomfortable landscapes like our hills, so first attempts on the market produced components of disc brakes and hydraulic autolevelling machines to optimize the leveling of combine harvesters on the slopes.

In 1994 the current factory was expanded and transformed into Angeloni Srl, the range of equipment widened over the years, developing and expanding the production (front loaders, dozers and front linkage) and winter maintenance machines (snow blades and salt spreaders).

The company Angeloni has been distinguished and well-known for its ability to adapt to the constant demand for mechanization of the industry. The technical competence of Fausto Angeloni, the other current shareholder, has allowed in recent years to develop innovative design techniques combined with an accuracy of handicraft that led Angeloni Srl to receive the prestigious award of honor for Technical Innovation 2008 with the Farmer versatile, innovative machine for Blue Agriculture.

Three generations of the family have mutually contributed to the success of the product Angeloni in the Italian market and presently finds themselves hand-in-hand meeting and experiencing the spirit of innovation, the needs of Italian and foreign agricultural markets. Our objectives are to pursue and achieve the production of machines more reliable and technically complying with the various types of soil, landscapes and the new needs of agriculture; This is why our technical department and our field trials are focusing on the development of machinery for Blue Agriculture, organic and biodynamic.