Calibrated board and bar

It is possible to point out on key directions of using this raw material

  • Furniture’s production: Basis of the frame for cabinets, bedside tables, chests of drawers, beds and other furniture, including tables, sofas, chairs and stools.
  • Construction of fences and doors for them, from wood
  • Manufacture of tools, household utensils, etc.

Planed timber: quality

  • Complete absence of moisture. Planed bar is absolutely dry lumber, which excludes the possibility of deformation, appearance of cracks and the presence of other defects;
  • Ideally smooth surfaces. Such a bar is planed along entire length, due to which the material is absolutely safe in the daily operation of the product created from this raw material;
  • A variety of convenient form factors. You can always buy a planed bar of various thickness and length, so this sawn timber is convenient to use in any direction.

Edged sawn timber

Edged sawn timber is a board of coniferous wood, cut from all sides.



What is edged board

Two main classifications, which are most often used in the selection of edged lumber:

Можно выделить две основные классификации, которые чаще всего используются при выборе обрезного пиломатериала:

  • Dimensions of edged board
  • Type of edged board. Based on the availability of possible quality of wood, such edged board is classified by grade (from one to four).

Flooring board

The floor plank is used for flooring in housing and non-housing premises. The main material for the floor is pine. The moisture content of this material is 10-12%. Ecologically safe material. For sale, boards are packed in shrinkable film.

 advantages of this type of raw materials:

  • The quality flooring plank is immediately ready for the laying process. The floor plank can be used without any further processing, except varnishing. In addition, wood is an ideal option for flooring without using additional coatings;

• A floor plank with a good quality has a moisture content of only 10-12%, which reduces the risk of raw material drying or of cracks to a minimum;
• The cost factor is also important – low price.

What we need to know?

There are several important issues:

  1. If the floor plank is with an higher humidity, the probability of negative consequences is actual;
  2. The best breed of wood for the production of the floor plank – pine;
  3. Raw materials should not have any visual defects, as they will all be visible after the installation of the floor