Fine leather

Our customers are using fine leather for bags, cases for phones, small leather goods, leather clothes, various accessories, for making promotional gifts or design of interior items. The variety of colors offered in combination with quality of product, allows satisfying the most demanding tastes of consumers.

Leather for shoes

It is produced from the highest quality raw materials, has high strength and stability of coating, aesthetic appeal and high organoleptic properties (softness, elasticity, smoothness and others).

Leather partitions and pads

Leather pad is a thin elastic skin used for the production of a shoe lining, for duplicating parts (both in shoe and haberdashery production), as well as for tailoring products of a low price segment.

The sphere of application of leather partitions is quite extensive: for example, leather partitions is used for welding workwear; lining, velour looks good in details of clothes; and partitions are widely used by shoemakers to reduce usage of whole shoe leather.

Saddle seat leather

Saddle seat Leather produced from a cow, are designed for making belts, bags and various leather accessories. This is a durable skin of increased thickness, with the processing of which apply different types of finish products.